Om - aum

Using this mantra

June 15th 2017
The syllable Om corresponds to what – in the Western tradition – we call the Logos, the Word of creation. In the Hindu tradition, it represents the original sound and is associated with Kalahamsa, this cosmic bird that laid the primordial egg from which the universe was born. Om is a syllable with very powerful vibrations which Hindus use as a mantra. They repeat it untiringly in their meditations. You too can pronounce this mantra either aloud or mentally. You can concentrate on this word without thinking of anything else and repeat, Om, Om, Om... You can also associate it with a breathing exercise. Inhale through the nose while mentally pronouncing Om four times, then exhale very slowly through the mouth while repeating Om. After a while, you will feel calmer and full of energy. The syllable Om can also be decomposed as Aum, and it is in this form that we sing it. If we are conscious of the magical power of sounds, we can gradually feel what perfect forms this song produces in our soul.