Invisible world

Unconsciously, it is the realities of the invisible world to which we attach the greatest importance

June 19th 2017
A person who falls in love has no doubts about what they feel, even though they cannot see or touch their love, for feelings are impalpable. And someone who holds an opinion and has convictions, can they see them or touch them? No, and yet sometimes they are willing to fight and die for them. And someone who says, ‘Upon my soul and conscience, I condemn this man’, passes a sentence heavy with consequences, in the name of something they too have never seen. Why do they suddenly attach such importance to this invisible soul and conscience? Without realising it, humans believe only in what is invisible and impalpable: everyone feels, loves, suffers, cries and celebrates for reasons that are invisible. And yet certain claim to believe only in what they can see and touch! What a contradiction!