Divine heritage

Only this can fulfil us

June 26th 2017
In whatever state you find yourself, even the most dire, be courageous, because a great inheritance, a divine legacy awaits you. If until now you have not yet taken possession of it, it is because you are still a minor. It is not possible to know exactly when, but it is certain that you will receive your inheritance when you reach adulthood. It may be in twenty or thirty year’s time, or perhaps in another incarnation. You might say, ‘But how will they find me? I will be living in a different country, and will have a different nationality.’ You can change anything you want: the celestial entities will always find you. Therefore, every day, think about this divine heritage, and this thought alone will act most favourably on you. Nothing promised to human beings will ever satisfy the immensity of their desires. A wife or a husband, a house, a little garden, a car... what are they? Even when people have acquired them all, they are still dissatisfied. Immensity, infinity, and eternity, this is our true heritage, the only one capable of fulfilling our heart’s desire.