How to use it in your spiritual work

July 6th 2017
When you listen to music, think of using it in your spiritual work. Music creates an atmosphere. It can also be compared to the wind filling the sails of a ship and pushing it towards new horizons: to the realization of your ideal and your highest aspirations. Observe yourself when you listen to music: you feel uplifted and inclined to let your mind drift. Instead, try to focus your thoughts, on what you most ardently want to achieve. If you have a meeting with someone or have some work to complete, well, you can consciously prepare yourself for this meeting or this work by listening to music. If you seek wisdom, love and beauty, imagine that music lifts you up to the spiritual regions where you will find these qualities in abundance. Sound is a force that propels you, but it’s up to you to choose the direction in which you wish to be taken.