Balance, psychic

Implies not endlessly changing direction

August 26th 2011
Those capable of steadfastly climbing the face of the spiritual mountain are rare. The summit seems so far off! So, nearly everyone breaks off and comes back down, and then they have to start all over again. You should know that nothing is more harmful for psychic balance than moving back and forth between different ways of living – imposing a fair amount of discipline on yourself for a time, then letting yourself go, and vice-versa. I am not saying you should devote yourself exclusively to spiritual activities, praying and meditating; that would be unreasonable, especially as many other activities can nourish your soul: listening to music, reading, meditating on a work of art or on a landscape. Try inwardly to stay for as long as possible on any peak you manage to reach. If you get used to doing this, you will easily succeed in remaining on the heights.