Is maintained through faith and love

July 7th 2017
It is often said that hope keeps us alive. When human beings are dissatisfied with their lot or disappointed by events, they tend to project their hopes into the future, ‘Soon... in a few days... in a few months... things will get better.’ There is no doubt that hope is the very last thing to be abandoned, but while we hang on, waiting for things to get better, we need to count on something reliable. In order to hang on, we need to have faith. And faith relies on the conviction that the universe is governed by laws, and in particular the law according to which all seeds eventually bear fruit: if we have sown good seeds, we will one day harvest magnificent fruit. But we must also cultivate life within us and be energized by our love. For otherwise, hope will simply be a means to escape when faced with reality, and will also, one day, abandon us. If we do not want to lose hope, we must keep faith and love forever alive within us and call on them for help whenever difficulties arise. This will enable us to keep hope to the very end.