As we open ourselves to it, so we must open to god

July 8th 2017
What is more visible and more radiant than the sun? But if you remain barricaded behind closed shutters, you will not even know that it exists. If you want to see it, you must at least open a window. The sun is not going to impose itself on you by penetrating your walls and shutters. In the same way, you must at least open a small skylight within you in order to discover the presence of God. Yes, it is you who must do something, not God. God is there in his radiance, and this should be enough for you. It is up to you to do what is necessary to feel his presence. Those who have evolved to a higher degree of consciousness never cease to have revelations on the meaning and beauty of the world, so how could they help but feel this divine presence? This is what God is, and we gradually discover him as we come to know the richness and meaning of life.