Its dangers

July 14th 2017
You have all heard of ‘double agents’, men and women who serve their own country and the enemies of their country at the same time. They think they will always have a safe haven, whatever happens. And in so many businesses as well, we see people serving both the interests of their employer and those of their competitors! Such double-dealing is very detrimental both for the countries and the companies, but also for the individuals themselves who, in the end, risk rejection by both sides. This attitude is also widespread in the spiritual life. How many people unconsciously serve both God, and what in the Gospel Jesus calls Mammon (wealth) at the same time; that is to say, both the powers of heaven, the spirit, and those of the earth and physical matter? Each one of us must become conscious of this, because such duplicity is very dangerous and is a threat of spiritual death. That is why Jesus said, ‘You cannot serve God and wealth’.