Human marriage

Reproduces a cosmic phenomenon

July 15th 2017
Marriage is not a human institution, or more precisely, it is human institution that reproduces a cosmic phenomenon: that of a marriage first celebrated on high between the heavenly Father and his wife, the divine Mother. And because human beings have been created in the image of God, they repeat this cosmic event in an instinctive but also unfortunately in an unconscious manner. Christianity is still a long way from understanding this truth. For Christians, God is uniquely a masculine principle. Well, no, they are mistaken. If man seeks woman to unite with her and create, it is because they reproduce a model: God also has a wife with whom he unites in order to create. His wife is the divine Mother, Nature, Cosmic Matter. The law is absolute: everything which is below is like that which is above. Therefore, everything which takes place below is in the image of that which takes place on high. And God’s wife is a magnificent reality that exists as a principle.