Divine justice

Its manifestations

July 16th 2017
It is possible to escape human justice, but it is impossible to escape divine justice. Why? Because these two forms of justice are not of the same nature. Divine justice cannot touch human beings externally, but it touches them inwardly. There are criminals who have always managed to escape human justice, but inwardly they are being destroyed: their health, their psychic state, everything is falling apart. On the face of things certain elements are still holding up, but gradually they will disintegrate, because it is the inner realm that nourishes them and that sustains the edifice; and if the inner realm collapses, then the outer realms will also soon fall. This is how divine justice makes itself known. And even if its sanctions are not immediately visible, they are instantaneous: the moment a human being makes a transgression, something in them darkens, something starts to disintegrate. Even if it takes years for this disintegration to appear externally, it has already started inwardly.