Nature spirits

Be aware of who they are and what they do

August 27th 2011
From the earth to the sun and beyond, all of space is inhabited. The four elements – earth, water, air and fire – are inhabited by all kinds of creatures, mentioned in all the world’s traditions. Of course, they may not be exactly as each religion or culture describes them, but they do exist, and we can communicate with them and get them to take part in the work we are doing for the coming of the kingdom of God. When you go walking in the mountains, in forests, along the seashore, by lakes or rivers, try to become aware of the presence of all the spirits living there, which already existed well before humans appeared on earth. Establish a relationship with them, talk to them, marvel at the beauty of the work they carry out everywhere in nature. Then, they will be happy; they will become your friends and give you the gifts of vitality, joy and inspiration.