Given off by the suffering of those who know what self-sacrifice is

January 24th 2011
Knowing how to suffer is one of the greatest knowledges there is. Knowing how to suffer is one of the highest manifestations of love. In this suffering the soul creates a scent so delightful that the Lord and his angels come to enjoy it close to. There really was a scent that emanated from the sufferings of condemned martyrs and saints, persecuted for the glory of God. And the suffering of those who devote themselves to others, who sacrifice themselves to enlighten others and keep them from evil, as Jesus did – that suffering, accepted with love, emits the subtlest of scents. Accept this truth, put it into practice, and your endurance will be unequalled. Begin by not making a hue and cry at the slightest disappointment, the slightest trial. Accept them with awareness, and keep quiet, for out of this suffering you will bring forth joy.