Solutions, real

Are only found on high, in the domain of the spirit

July 29th 2017
Why is the brain situated at the top of the body? If you understood the reason, you would not remain down below in your heart and your emotions, suffering in self-pity, when you experience disappointment and unhappiness. You would immediately force yourself to rise higher, to the level of true thought, of reason and intelligence. When you are suffering and distressed, say to yourself, ‘You are right, I understand, and I am going to get the handkerchiefs ready to wipe away your tears. But wait a bit, I need to do a little thinking first.’ And in reflecting, you find the solution much more rapidly than if you had continued to stumble around in that part of you that is so sensitive: the astral body. Otherwise, what happens? You complain, you cry for hours, stopping only because you are worn out. And the next day you begin again. But your tears and lamentations solve nothing. So, instead of remaining below in your feelings, why not force yourself to move out right away and take up residence on high, in the spiritual realm which is pure reason and where the spirit reigns?