Falling in love

Learning to expand your consciousness

July 30th 2017
Most men and women are so careless when they enter a relationship or marriage! They imagine that everything will be easy, light and pleasant, since their partner is there, of course, merely to satisfy their desires and for them to live happy moments. But gradually they begin to feel that it’s not that easy and then come the arguments and confrontations, until they understand that, in order to restore the situation, they must each strive to forget themselves a little and think of the other. What they mistook for a romantic adventure or a fairy tale, is in fact a school where they begin what for every human being is the most important apprenticeship: the expansion of consciousness. Perhaps you are wondering what this expansion of consciousness entails. It means leaving one’s small, egocentrical self in order to enter the vast community of humanity; and for many, this apprenticeship inevitably begins with the experience called ‘falling in love’.