Initiatic school

Is beneficial only to the development of our divine nature

July 31st 2017
The work you do once you are engaged in the spiritual life is very different from everything you are used to. It is not a matter of doing manual work somewhere or being busy in an office, but of developing the divine nature given to us by our heavenly Father and which is stifled and buried in everyday life by all sorts of activities and preoccupations which are not really divine. It is a waste of time to go to an initiatic school with the idea of carrying out the same activities there as you do in the world: you will feel alone and even rejected, not so much by the people you will meet there, but by the very atmosphere of the school – you will have the feeling you’re in a foreign land. But if you wish to find the right conditions to restore order and harmony within yourselves, to allow your divine nature to blossom, and to undertake great work for the good of the whole world, you must turn to an initiatic school where you will always accepted and welcomed!