Being able to merge with all that exists

August 2nd 2017
Probably at least once in your life, you have had the sudden sensation of identifying with a man or a woman you are looking at or listening to, or with something you are contemplating in nature: a river, a waterfall, a spring, a star, the blue sky, the sun... If we have this ability to identify with other beings, then in reality we are far more than we appear to be. As individuals we are X, Y, or Z, with a particular physical appearance, an identity, a name and so on. But in our soul and spirit we are the whole universe, we are everyone and everything. Literature holds many examples of this kind of experience, but many people consider it madness, or at best, poetic imagination. According to those who are supposedly ‘normal’, someone who claims to exist in the trees, the lakes, the mountains, the stars and the sun, or to have experienced himself as the deity, is obviously a poet or a madman. And yet, this poet or this madman describes the reality of every human being.