Knowledge, true

Is an acquisition of the inner life

August 5th 2017
A very modest, simple person with a basic education can, through their inner searching, come to know more about life than the greatest scholars. It is for this reason that scientists should demonstrate a little more humility and reserve. God has not given them exclusive rights to knowledge. They can control matter, but they cannot control life, because life is not discovered by looking through a few instruments, lenses or microscopes, it is discovered deep within oneself. Even someone who conducts investigations on stars and other planets can be as ignorant inwardly as if they had never left their cave. It is a matter of consciousness. What is the use, then, of setting out to discover the universe if we remain inwardly as limited as someone who has never stepped outside their remote village? The astronaut in his shuttle travels throughout space, but the shepherd who looks after his flock in the mountains and contemplates the starry sky in the silence of night perhaps knows more of immensity than the astronaut.