Is never an excuse

August 10th 2017
How many people complain, ‘I seek the light. I pray every day, but God does not hear me. I have so many problems, I am unhappy and sick, and my life no longer has any meaning.’ Whose fault is that? If people are struggling with so many problems, it means they have attracted them. They might say, ‘Attracted? But how? This is not what I wanted, I did not know.’ But yes, when you asked, you forgot certain laws. ‘Ah but I did not know.’ Maybe, but whether they knew or not, they have transgressed laws and are now suffering the consequences. Ignorance is never an excuse. If you do not respect the rules of the road, the police arrive and fine you, and it is useless to say, ‘But, Officer, I did not know.’ He calmly continues to write the ticket and does not want to hear whether you knew or not because, as far as he is concerned, you should have known. From now on, therefore, try to bring your behaviour into greater harmony with your spiritual aspirations. You will no longer have the excuse of not knowing, and if you are negligent, you will be doubly guilty and will suffer.