Don’t run away from them, train yourself to endure them

August 11th 2017
If you run away from certain work and effort that life imposes on you, you will never manage to make progress within. Some people can no longer stand their family or their work, and they leave. Others run away from their responsibilities. The fact is that running away is not recommended. Destiny puts you in certain situations for a reason. You must strengthen yourself and face the difficulties and obstacles of your daily life. Consider sportsmen who train, climbers who test themselves against the mountain, and sailors who confront the ocean, braving bad weather and great dangers. Try to do as they do, not physically of course, because not everyone is prepared for such feats; but psychologically, train yourself to stand firm, to hold on. Of course, if a time comes when the situation becomes untenable, you must move on. But as soon as you can, come back and face things... until you become really steadfast and strong to complete your task.