Spiritual guide

Danger of trying to be one if you have not received the qualification

August 12th 2017
Some people take on the role of spiritual guide without realising that they lack the necessary faculties and qualities of wisdom, love, disinterestedness, discernment and patience. They don’t know how dangerous it is to shoulder this overwhelming task if they have not received heaven’s approval. To take on the responsibility of being a spiritual guide, you must first receive the qualification. Yes, we too receive qualifications in the spiritual world. The luminous spirits who sent us to earth observe and assess us, and if they see someone who has successfully passed the exams which life has imposed on them, they give them a diploma, which in turn gives them the right to teach. And where is this diploma? It is certainly not a piece of paper that can be destroyed: it is like a seal printed on a person’s face and body, an integral part of the person themself, and it shows that they have been successful in working continuously on themself. Other human beings perhaps do not see it, but all the spirits of nature, all the spirits of light see it from afar, and they hasten to help them with their task.