Clouds, our inner

Hide the divinity

August 21st 2017
When the sun is hidden by clouds, it does not disappear; it continues to spread its light and warmth. When the clouds eventually disperse, or if we are able to rise high enough in the atmosphere, we see that the sun is always there. Well, an identical phenomenon often takes place within us. Like the sun, God is always there, present and unchanging, sending us his light (his wisdom) and his warmth (his love) to all beings. But if we allow clouds to form within us by means of thoughts, feelings and desires that are chaotic, selfish and negative, we will allow clouds to form within and be deprived of this light and warmth. Instead of complaining that God does not exist, or that he has abandoned us, human beings must understand that if they find themselves in the dark and the cold, they alone are responsible for their situation and must do all they can to rise above the clouds.