What we receive through it is determined by our thoughts and feelings

August 23rd 2017
These days people are increasingly convinced that exposing themselves to nature and the four elements (earth, water, air and sunshine) benefits their health. They do so in various states of undress, but this is not really the point. ‘Then what is the point?’ you might ask. The point is that what they receive will depend above all on their thoughts and feelings. The skin itself is neutral, and is capable of allowing everything to pass through it, both good and bad. What directs and determines the work of the skin is our consciousness. According to what is in your mind and heart, the skin can favour or prevent certain elements passing through. If your thoughts and feelings are pure, luminous and filled with respect and love for nature and its many forces, it is as if your skin received an order from above to drive out poisons and to attract only life-giving particles and energies. If carried out under the right conditions, this communion with the four elements can purify you both physically and spiritually.