Attention, pay

Whenever we are given something

August 31st 2011
When you are given something, take care at least to show that you are aware of the value of the gift, or else even the most patient and generous of people will eventually get discouraged. What is the point of continuing to want to help you and do you good, when you don’t even notice? They feel they are just wasting their time with you, and they will turn to someone else more able to appreciate what they have to give. Even a spiritual Master has to be realistic about this. He gives his riches and his knowledge to those in whom he senses a response. In exchange for what he is giving you, a spiritual Master asks at least for your attention. Otherwise, he remains silent; he does not entrust his treasures to a ship with a hole in it. And heaven does the same: it remains closed to those who do not acknowledge its blessings.