Analogy with the universal solvent of alchemists

August 26th 2017
So many murky layers lie between our ordinary consciousness and our divine consciousness! This is why our most important work is to apply the methods that will enable us to break up the deposits within us, the slag which blocks the manifestation of wisdom, strength and divine love within us. The alchemists of the past sought the universal solvent to prepare the philosopher’s stone. But a true alchemist seeks to dissolve the dark matter within them, the negative instigator and dangerous conductor which blocks our union with God. And do you want to know what the best solvent is? Humility. But this solvent acts effectively only if we know why and how we must be humble; it does not mean we must indiscriminately belittle and disparage ourselves. When it is misunderstood, humility can cause as much harm as pride. True humility enables us to dissolve our lower nature in order to identify with the divine.