Diploma, the

We receive after passing the tests of life

August 28th 2017
When students pass their exams, they receive a diploma that opens certain doors for them: they can continue their studies, find a job, and so on. In the same way, when we pass the tests of life successfully, we receive a diploma which gives us more opportunities and confidence to keep advancing. You might ask, ‘But what is this diploma?’ It is not a piece of paper like the university diplomas that can be lost or destroyed. This diploma is like a mark which the invisible world applies to our face, to our whole body, and it is imprinted so deeply within us that nothing and no-one can take it away. And then, even the spirits of the four elements, who know how to read this diploma, recognise us. Wherever we go, they see this diploma, and it is a signal to them that they must welcome us, protect us, and help us.