Human body, the

A model for the body of the world

September 1st 2017
For centuries thinkers have said that humanity is like a body, and that the countries of the world are its organs. But in truth, very few people have been working to inspire the organs of humanity with the same wisdom and disinterestedness as the organs of the physical body; everyone thinks only of themself, to the detriment of their neighbour. It is time therefore to take the example of the human organism that nature has so skilfully designed and to study how it functions, when it is in good or ill health, and to understand that the same rules apply to the whole of humanity. When the brain is lucid and the heart dilated, even the feet feel well. Yes, when an organ is in good health, all the other parts of the body feel it and rejoice; and when an organ is deficient, the others, poor things, feel undermined as well. So why, when a country is in difficulty, do its neighbours rejoice? This proves that they are unhealthy organs, and do not realize that sooner or later they too will suffer the consequences.