Knowing how to welcome beings of light

September 1st 2011
Beings of light do not stay long with those whose vibrations are not in tune with theirs, which is why most humans have only very fleeting moments of inspiration, joy or ecstasy. For such moments to last, the entities must be given the right conditions, and you should make your whole being ready, not just to receive them but to have them stay with you. What causes a wise person’s happiness? While they do not close their eyes to all the expressions of evil in the world and the resultant suffering, they are always aware of the fleeting presence of beings of light, and they welcome them and offer them a home within themselves. They would be aware they were offending heaven if they allowed the riches and blessings it showers upon us each day to be wasted. Humans’ greatest weakness is not that they are affected by evil but that they brood over anything negative.