Depends on the way in which we organise our inner world

September 6th 2017
Life is merely a series of exchanges between our inner and outer worlds, but we must always give priority to the inner world, because it is with this that we are continually connected. Yes, you are not always looking at, listening to, touching or tasting something outside yourself, but you are always with yourself, with your thoughts, your feelings and your states of consciousness. Therefore, as long as you favour the outer world over the inner world, you run the risk of being deeply disappointed. For a moment, perhaps, you have the illusion of holding onto something, but a while later you hold nothing, because everything has eluded you. Human beings seek something to fulfil them, something they are not always able to define, even though they call it happiness. They must know that it is first within them – by organising their inner world – that they will come to find this happiness.