Noise and silence

Their affinities with childhood and old-age

September 8th 2017
Both noise and silence are languages. Silence can express the end of movement, the absence of life, but it is also the language of perfection. While noise is the expression of life, but this life is often disordered and needs to be mastered and developed. For example, children are noisy because they are overflowing with energy and vitality. On the contrary, old people are silent. This is partly because their energy has diminished and because noise tires them, but it is also often due to the fact that they have evolved, that they have gone deeper into themselves, and that it is their spirit which encourages them to be silent. In order to review their life, to reflect on it and to draw lessons from it, they need this silence in which a work of detachment, simplification and synthesis can be carried out. The pursuit of silence is an inner process which leads human beings towards the light and a true understanding of things.