Divine laws

Those who transgress them, limits themselves

September 11th 2017
You might say, ‘I am free to do what I want and the others will just have to accept me as I am.’ Well, go ahead: you will push people around, put your feet on the table, push aside those who bother you, indulge in all sorts of excesses, and you will be very proud of yourself... But one day you will be cornered, because an act is never without consequences. ‘What do you mean "cornered"? Why would I be cornered?’ Because under the pretext of asserting your power, consciously or unconsciously, you constantly transgress human laws, but also – and this is more serious – divine laws. This means that you will be preparing very bad conditions in your head, heart and body. And this is how you will be cornered one day. To convince themselves that they are strong, independent and free, people embark on dangerous paths. They fail to understand that their continuing transgressions represent a corresponding number of debts to be paid; and gradually they give way beneath that great weight.