A power which must be directed

September 13th 2017
Teenagers, who do not know much about the mechanisms of the psychic life, do not suspect the danger of letting their imagination run out of control. And it seems also that parents and teachers, who did the same in their youth, let young people immerse themselves in nebulous states, and even sometimes encourage them by saying, ‘He’s dreaming, he’s a poet, we must let him dream.’ But what do they know about this world of daydreams? In reality, it is the astral world with all its seductions, illusions and snares. One of the wonderful powers nature has put into human beings is imagination, but it becomes dangerous if it is not mastered. If young people – adults too – let just any feeling, any desire gain a hold over their imagination, they will eventually fall a prey to currents and dark entities which will seriously trouble their mind. Imagination must always be oriented in a positive and constructive direction, towards the world of light symbolised by the sun.