Moral rules

Particularly necessary for weak people

September 2nd 2011
For those who are strong, who are able to master themselves, everything is grist to the mill. You could almost say that anything is allowed, for they know how everything can be used for the good. But it would be better if those who are weak were not allowed into heaven! Because heaven would drive them mad. Yes, heaven – purity, beauty and light – can often have a disturbing effect on people, too; whereas, in hell, among all the devils, they find their place and feel fine. That’s how it is – with weak people you should always be cautious, because everything can be dangerous: love, wisdom, joy… You do not know how they will bear them or what they will do with them. And there are some for whom just living can be dangerous. So, what’s left that is good for them? So many moral rules have been laid down on account of human weakness! But the day humans become truly strong, master of themselves, nothing will be prohibited to them any longer.