Knowledge based on experience

September 15th 2017
Why is believing in God so obvious to some people and to others an illusion or an absurdity? The explanation is simple: at birth each human being comes to earth with the sum of experiences they have lived in their previous incarnations. If someone spontaneously has faith, it is because what they have studied and verified in their previous lives is recorded in their soul and manifests in this life as an intuition of the divine world. If they now recognise the existence of their heavenly Father, it is because they have been with him for a long time. They have communed with him and have been left with such powerful imprints that they cannot doubt: they know. Faith is therefore knowledge based on experience. Those who have experimented in the lower regions of their being in previous incarnations draw conclusions from those experiences which they think are the truth. And those who have experimented in the higher realms of the soul and spirit also draw conclusions, and they can no longer have any doubts that a higher intelligence manifests itself in the world.