Regenerating ourselves

Through connection with the divine source

September 17th 2017
Because life is a succession of efforts, suffering, and obstacles to overcome, human beings are obliged to struggle, and in struggling they become weak and exhausted. You can see this happening: day by day, something within them dulls and disintegrates. Why? Because they did not know how to connect with the ever-flowing, inexhaustible source, the only one that can give them water that is ever fresh, life that is ever new. To be alive is to be able to renew and regenerate oneself, but those who truly know what it means to renew oneself are rare. Most people confuse what is new with what is different. No, change does not necessarily bring about something that is really new. Only that which comes from the divine source is new, truly new, and we must connect with this source in order to regenerate ourselves.