Faith in good

Enables us to conquer fear

September 19th 2017
If a person has no faith in good, they risk losing whatever qualities or faculties they possess. Why? Because without faith in good, the best qualities and faculties have no solid foundations and all kinds of consequences automatically arise: their thought processes and way of seeing things become distorted. They endlessly view people and situations with suspicion, and are afraid. Fear, of course, is a very bad counsellor. How many people in the grip of fear are guilty of cowardice, injustice and spitefulness! Despite all their good qualities, they allow themselves to be invaded by this irrational and uncontrollable instinct. And when the fear has passed, they are often ashamed of what they have done, but by then it is too late. In order to conquer fear, we must believe steadfastly in the power of good, which is to say, in the pre-eminence of the spirit in you.