‘love your enemies’

A commentary

September 21st 2017
Even if those who preach Christianity strive to remember the precept given by Jesus, ‘Love your enemies’, in reality there are very few people capable of applying it. The majority do not even know how to love their friends, so how can they love their enemies? It is so difficult! In order to succeed in applying this selfless and impersonal conception of love, we must connect with a being who manifests this commandment fully: the sun. Watch, and you will see that however human beings behave, the sun continues to send them its light and warmth, to nourish and vivify them. If you want to understand the highest moral code, you will find it in the sun, and only there. And since the sun represents the spirit within you, when looking at it, force yourself to rise to those regions within you where you feel that nothing can touch you. Because it is only from here that, whatever happens to you, you can continue to send out your light and your love.