Soul and spirit

The importance of the events taking place at this level

September 26th 2017
How many opportunities are we given to transcend the mediocrity of daily life! But do you bother to pay attention to these occasions? The silence of the night, the starry sky, and the immensity of space offer us the best conditions for distancing ourselves a little from human affairs, for reflecting on other worlds where spiritual entities live in harmony and splendour. Nothing about our preoccupations, our worries and fears means anything to them; they are insignificant events. You might say, ‘But what do you mean, insignificant events? Famine, wars, and murders are terrible!’ Yes, they are terrible, but Cosmic Intelligence does not view them in the same way as we do. For Cosmic Intelligence, only the events of the soul and the spirit are important. If human beings attached more importance to those events which could take place in their soul and their spirit, instead of giving priority to material affairs, they would be more selfless, more understanding and more open to others; and so much misery and tragedy could be avoided on earth.