Distress and torment

How to avoid these states. the example of birds

September 28th 2017
When you feel distressed and tormented it is simply because you have become lost in the psychic regions infested with lower entities – the enemies of humanity. And these entities attack you, and if you try to fight back to make them let go, since these entities are stronger than you, they have the upper hand. So what can you do? A bird pecks at some grain on the ground, and a cat comes along. The bird does not wait to confront the cat, it flies away. But human beings have still not realized what birds have understood: they stay where they are to fight, and are stripped and destroyed. You might say, ‘How can we fly away?’ There are so many ways to do it! Through will-power, prayer, imagination, the memory of a light-filled moment, the wonder of nature... and all the works of art and literature. You have so many possibilities at your disposal! But do you really want to free yourself from this situation? No, you stay there without doing anything, except filling yourself up with pills and bothering other people by relating your distress and nightmares. From now on, try to put an end these negative states of mind by learning how to take wing.