Spiritual commitment

Once made it must be kept

October 1st 2017
In itself, the need for change is not a bad thing, but in certain aspects of life, it can be detrimental to your development. In terms of a friendly or amorous relationship, it is best to hesitate in the beginning in order to weigh the pros and cons, but once you are committed, try not to back out. In the same way, before you commit yourself to a spiritual teaching and begin to follow a master, start by studying the situation carefully: ask yourself if this master is suited to your mentality, to your aspirations, to your ideal, and whether his teaching corresponds to your deeper nature. Once you have engaged yourself, it is best to keep up this commitment. What can you hope to build inwardly that is solid and stable by going first one way and then another, according to the impulses of your whims and your curiosity? Spiritual experience does not comprise a series of meetings that one arranges first with a Hindu master, then with a Sufi master, then with a Zen master, and so on. Spiritual experience is a furrow that we plough within ourselves and that we must forever deepen.