Divine intervention

Avoid asking for it when we can do something ourselves

October 6th 2017
One day someone was telling me about their difficulties with a friend: following a misunderstanding, their relations had deteriorated, and the hostile attitude of their friend hurt them deeply. My visitor explained to me, ‘I really wish things would work themselves out. Every day I pray, I concentrate deeply, and I ask God to help me. But I see no improvement.’ I listened for a moment, and then I said, ‘All that activity is magnificent! But why call on all the heavenly powers to help with a tiny problem that you can solve yourself? A look, a few words and a selfless gesture would no doubt be all it takes for your friend to understand that you are still their friend. You ask God to intervene – and that is a very difficult task – to solve your problems. Try instead to use the very simple means he gave you: a look, speech, and gesture...’