Become aware of the feelings it brings forth

September 5th 2011
Speaking is not merely uttering sounds. Each word spoken possesses vibrations, which means it is possible for it to act as either a constructive or destructive force. Most people are not aware of this, which is why we see so much damage and ruination caused solely by words. Every word spoken automatically gives rise to particular feelings, so that if you say constructive, life-enhancing words, very soon the corresponding feelings are aroused. When an actor first comes on stage, he or she is obviously not experiencing the feelings of love, anger, despair, and so on, of the character they are playing. But they start to speak, and because of the words they are saying, not only do they begin to have these feelings more and more, but they communicate emotion to the audience, for the words activate forces, and these affect the public. When you reflect on these facts, you realize how very careful you have to be not to allow yourself to speak words that will bring about misfortune and destruction.