Only considers the superficial side of beings and things

October 15th 2017
Atheists think that they show objectivity, lucidity and reasoning: they think that they at least judge according to what they see, hear, touch, measure and so on, unlike believers who they see as being so obsessed by their faith that they are incapable of being lucid. Well, no, however intelligent a person may be, if they do not accept the existence of God, the reality of the soul and the immortality of the spirit, they will always lack an essential element to complete their observations and judgments. The absence of this element limits them, for they pay too much attention to form, to the surface of life. An atheist is like someone who, looking at a human being, considers only their anatomy. As long as it is only a question of identifying the limbs and organs, and describing their aspects, anatomy can suffice. But only considering anatomy means taking interest in a body without taking into account the life that animates it. Only the belief in the life of the soul and spirit, and of a divine world where they have their origins, can give humans the true dimension of beings and things and the consciousness of the currents that circulate within them.