Forgetting them for a while helps to find a solution

October 16th 2017
In order to solve certain problems, it is sometimes helpful to forget them for a while and try to think of something else. You might say, ‘But if we try to forget about our problems, we will never find the solution!’ This is exactly where you are mistaken. It is not because you are obsessed with your difficulties that you will manage to solve them or get rid of them; on the contrary, it is often the best way to encourage them and to let yourself become overwhelmed. So try to put your problems aside for a moment; find the conditions which will allow you to do great inner work, to rise by means of thought high into the world of light, and there you will find solutions. It is often said that night brings counsel. Yes, because during sleep we forget everything, and a work goes on in the subconscious that then allows us to see more clearly. So, from time to time, are you not able to do the same thing consciously?