The conditions for it to pay us a visit

October 17th 2017
To become true creators, people must call on certain faculties within themselves in order to contact the spiritual world, because it is from the spiritual world that they receive what we call inspiration. It is important to know what conditions are favourable for inspiration, because inspiration does not visit us by chance. You remark that you have experienced inspiration in rather unlikely situations, places, or postures. Yes, this can happen: you are peeling vegetables, bending down to pick something up or tying your shoelaces, when suddenly a current flows through you, an image comes into your mind, and you know you have had a revelation. On the other hand, you can set up all the material conditions that are ideal for inspiration to visit you, but nothing comes to you at all. Divine inspiration does not necessarily come because you are sitting in the lotus position with your eyes closed, surrounded by clouds of incense. Those are not the conditions I am talking about. The first prerequisite necessary for inspiration is to ensure your thoughts, feelings and actions are pure. When the ground has been prepared, the spirit can visit you no matter what situation or posture you find yourself in.