Spiritual practices

Help us rediscover light and love

October 31st 2017
A disciple who goes to listen to their master or who immerses themself for a few hours in studying their master’s thoughts, feels themself transported into a world of light, purity and love. But then, unavoidably, they return to everyday life where they are obliged to meet all types of people and face all manner of situations. After a while, they notice they no longer have the same faith or the same enthusiasm; they feel that they have once again become dull and heavy, and that their ardour and love have diminished. What has happened? Like a hot liquid that is then exposed to the cold, their temperature has changed. This phenomenon is completely natural. The teaching a disciple receives from a master resembles the contents of a container. Symbolically, the contents are warmer than the prevailing atmosphere, and when they come in contact with it, their temperature gradually drops. But what is lost can always be replaced. This is the purpose of prayer, meditation and all spiritual practices: to seek at the source those luminous and warmth-giving elements that you have lost.