Extracting the most energy possible from air

November 4th 2017
What makes a car run? The release of energy generated when the gaseous mixture in the engine explodes when ignited by a spark. The car then starts and will run for as long as there is fuel in the tank. The same is true with breathing. If we are to extract the maximum energy from the air that passes through our nostrils, we must compress it by holding it in our lungs. While this compression takes place, our body is at work, activating processes equivalent to ignition and combustion in a car. And, as the air cannot escape, nature opens tiny passages in our body through which it can circulate. Thanks to this retention, energy contained in the air passes through all of these little channels made especially for it by nature, who says to it, ‘This way… that way…’ for along its route nature has placed certain subtle centres – the chakras – which can be activated only through contact with this energy.