Trowel and sword

The symbolic meaning of these two masonic symbols

November 5th 2017
The higher world and the lower world are not separate; in both the universe and in human beings, there are connections between these two worlds. That is why, when humans have a very elevated, very spiritual wish, it can provoke their lower nature which then immediately raises opposing forces. The magnificent things you desire on high awaken contradictory forces and desires in the roots of your being! These tricks of the lower nature triumph with much greater difficulty in the disciple who understands and is enlightened, because they know they must take precautions. While they build their inner temple, they pray to have around them, beings that watch over and protect them. In early freemasonry, whose philosophy was based on a true science, the mason was represented working with a trowel in one hand, and in the other a sword with which to defend themself. So, while the mason is busy building, they are also vigilant and make sure that in the cover of darkness certain enemies do not try to worm their way into their fortress. And if they do try to enter, the mason wards them off with their sword.