Creating a void within that can be filled with divine virtues

November 6th 2017
What can you add to a receptacle that is already full? Nothing. In order to pour something else into it, it must first be emptied. The same applies to human beings: if they do not empty themselves of their weaknesses and bad habits, how can divine virtues and qualities come and establish themselves within them? This is the meaning of renunciation: to renounce is to empty oneself and to get rid of certain elements which are harmful to oneself and to others, so that something that is purer and is filled with more light can be introduced to take their place. Those who have understood the meaning of renunciation strive to create this necessary void, so that divine qualities come and live within them. They must stop thinking that they will be unhappy if they give up certain pleasures. On the contrary, these insignificant pleasures will be replaced by others that are far greater, and of better quality.