Psychic life

Its effects on the physical body

November 7th 2017
A man is sitting quietly somewhere, his face expresses nothing in particular. But suddenly an impulse comes from deep down inside: a thought, a feeling of fear, love, anger... and then everything changes, his features, the expression of his face, the color of his skin. How can the physical body suddenly change under the impulse of something so impalpable and subtle as a thought or a feeling? Just one emotion, and we blush, or go pale, or are petrified! Sometimes people die because of an emotion. How can an emotion have such power over the physical body? Everyone is aware of these phenomena, so why have they never drawn the conclusion that it is the psychic life that commands the physical life? The physical body always depends on a psychic or spiritual element above it, which creates or destroys, expands or contracts, which tints, which shapes... Of course it is always possible to influence the body by physical means; they can momentarily improve your health or appearance. But health and beauty depend far more on your thoughts, feelings and on everything making up your inner life.