Cosmic forces

Humans must seek how to obtain their intervention

November 13th 2017
How many believers ask why heaven does not intervene to restore order in world affairs! Well, this shows they are not good psychologists. Without the agreement and willingness of human beings themselves, what is the use of the interventions of heaven? People would neither understand nor appreciate this new order established by heaven and would quickly destroy it. The desire for change must come from human beings. Yes, if they truly wish to remedy the state of things and right the misfortune in the world, because of what they have suffered and the lessons they have learned, heaven will release other forces, other currents, other energies, and then true changes will take place. But the impulse must come from human beings; they must decide together to work in order to obtain the intervention of cosmic forces. If they do not provide the right conditions for them to intervene, nothing will happen and the sublime intelligences will never decide to get mixed up in human affairs.